Professional training and

rider coaching  

by Richard Dicey.

Richard has rode in 6 Countries as a

professional Jockey.

  • Top Apprentice in the UK

  • Hall Of Fame England

  • Freeze Branding Australia

  • Trained winning horses Australia via Dicey Racing

Richard Dicey: (Owner/ Manager): Born in 1950 Richard have always been involved with Horses in some manner. “As a teenager I was  Champion Apprentice Jockey in England. At the time managing rides in England,  Ireland, Holland, France. As weight got the better of me, I rode for a time in  India before immigrating to Australia. In my time in Australia I have managed my  own 100 acre Agistment/Pre-Training Centre in Perth where I also broke- in  for  leading owners and trainers of the day. This is also where I established my  Freeze Branding business. I next spent time in New  Zealand on the look for a training facility. Instead I discovered Real Estate  and quickly rose to top listing agent and salesman in the Auckland area. The  weather finally got the better of me and I returned to Australia, locating in Brisbane. I continued selling and buying houses (including purchasing the stables in Ballina, which I leased out for a few years) for awhile until my children were of an age  that their desire for a horse of their own got the better of me. We starting with a  gorgeous wee Shetland, Gypsy, then went from strength to strength ending with a  team of 5 and 7 or so. My children won State Showjumping and Sporting Titles as well as EFA  Interschool Titles and a swag of Pony Club hardware. My son, William’s interest in horses slowly grew towards the Racing Industry and my daughter, Tracy, became an apprentice jockey.  William, relocated to Sydney to work as a trackrider and then travelling to the UK, settling in Melbourne as a trackrider. While I got back into shape and starting riding track work and training for trainers such as Mr Adam Palmer, Health Coote etc. I recently re-obtained my trainers license and alongside training and freeze branding horses,  Since 2014 I now run Galloping Ahead.


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